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All praise is to Lord of the Universe and peace blessings on the Prophet Muhammad and on the companions. We would like to inform through this web site to all the mankind generally and the Muslims of the world particularly that the salvation of the mankind is only in taking the shelter under Islam. It is the true religion which provides the way to those who strayed in the darkness of polytheism and paganism. Even its nights are so enlightened as if those are day. This is the religion that has been sought by the Almighty Allah for the guidance of the mankind as he said:

“Today I have completed your religion for you, I have completed my Mercy on you and I am pleased to select for you the religion of Islam”.

This verse has been revealed on the Prophet ﷺ when he was on the ground of Arafah surrounded by many more of his companions and Almighty Allah has announced the completion of Islam.

Dear brothers! When the religion is completed at the gracious time of Prophet ﷺ then leaving this perfect religion and searching some other religion is a blunder mistake and that the devaluation of Allah’s Mercy which means to cause the discontentment of Allah.

The Almighty Cherisher said:

“the one who searches a religion other than Islam is never acceptable by Him and he will be in losers in the Life Hereafter”(Al Maida: 85).

This is the religion for preaching of which all the prophets and messengers from Adam to Mohammed ﷺ have come. All the prophets have taught to their nation “O my nation, worship Allah there is not god for you other than Him”(Al A’raf).

Dear brothers! The religion means to accept Monotheism, the oneness of Allah and worship Him alone and to testify the Prophethood of His Messenger, Mohammed ﷺ and to accept the Shariah (Religious Fundamentals) produced by him. Reading one small sentence consisted of these two conditions, a man enters in the gate of building of Islam. Then Salah (Namaz), Zakah, Soum (Roza) and Haj are obligated on him as per his capability. Learning all of its related matters from the Qur’an and Sunnah and bring them in practice is Islam. In the same way after entering in Islam, the only guidelines given by Allah and His Messenger ﷺ will be guidelines for whole of our life and this is only the standard for acceptance of our good deed with Allah. We must abide all the sayings of Allah and sayings of Messenger. If any one does according to his will and wish after the guidelines of Allah and His Messenger or gives the importance to the gratification of elders, fore fathers and grand fathers then it is misguidance. Almighty Allah said:

“When Allah and His Messenger have ruled in something, it is not permissible to any believer man or believer woman to select something else in their matters. Who disobeys Allah and His Messenger is the clearly strayed one”. (Al Ahzab: 36)

Respected readers! The distortion starts from where we leave Allah and His Messenger and obey our will and wish, our elders, our Maslak (any of four famous religious schools), forefathers, world, customs and traditions instead of molding ourselves according to the guidance of Allah and His Messenger and we start to set religious guidelines as per our wishes. We leave the way of Righteous Salaf and bound in our Masalik so the distortion starts and we give up the Sunnah (customs of the Prophet ﷺ) and the religious innovation (Bidaat) are encouraged whereas the Messenger of Allah ﷺ has strictly prohibited by this act. He ﷺ used to mention in each and every sermon:

“Off course the best speech is the book of Allah, the best guidance is the guidance of Mohammed ﷺ, the worst things are new things in religion, every new thing in the religion is Bid’ah (religious innovation) and every Bid’ah is misguidance and every misguidance goes (with its doers) in the Hell Fire”. (Hadeeth)

Almighty Allah said:

“O those who believe! Obey Allah and the Messenger and do not invalidate your good deeds … (Mohammed:33)

The Messenger ﷺ said:

“I left in you two things, you will never go astray as long as you do according to those two things, those are “book of Allah and my Sunnah” and these two things will never be separated until they will come to me on “Houdh of Kauthar”. (Saheeh Al Jami’: 2937)

My dear nationals! Today the Muslims are discriminated throughout the world, their dignity, honour and chastity, nothing are safe. The enemies of Islam are colouring their hands with the bloods of Muslims. Breaching their chastity they laugh out loudly and we are just seeing these all quietly and calmly. Why is that? What is the reason? Don’t we have the funds? Don’t we have the man power? Don’t we have our government? We have everything and even then why this discrimination and humiliation with us? What are the reasons behind these all?

Dear friends! Specialty of our religion is this that it challenges to each and every period. The Messenger ﷺ had come before one thousand four hundred year, the Holy Qur’an has been revealed before one thousand four hundred years, the religion had been completed at the sacred time of Prophet, but being a Muslim we believe that this religion will guide the mankind till the morning of the Dooms Day. If we study the Pure Shari’a we will never find ourselves aloof and answerless, but the same Religion of Allah will be sufficient enough for us. Because Almighty Allah has mentioned:

“He is the one who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the Religion of Reality to render it victorious on all the religions, even if the polytheists do not like it” (Al Saff:9)

Brothers! Come on, let us search the solution to our humility. It is narrated in the Hadeeth that once the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said to his companions:

“may all the nations of the world fall on you to destroy you like the hungry people fall on the food-table to eat. Some of them asked, O Messenger of Allah shall then we be in minority? The Messenger said, no, but you will be huge in number, but you will then be weightless and will flow with the float like weightless garbage, Almighty Allah will take out your fear from the hearts of your enemies and put “WAHAN” in your hearts. It is asked: what is WAHAN? He ﷺ replied, to love the life and to hate to die”. (Abu Dawood, Hadeeth No: 4297)

Dear brothers! How clearly the reason of our humiliation is mentioned in this Hadeeth. If we have to prove our superiority, to laminose the truth of Islam and to be the moon of dark lights of the mankind, we have to remove the love of worldly life from our hearts, to embrace the death like the companions of Prophet ﷺ who forced their horse to overwhelm on their enemies, who burnt their boats in the sea and put the bold front to their enemies announcing: O opponents, listen to us, we are the people who love the death more than the lives. We have destroyed the means of returning by ourselves, fight with us if you have courage!! The time has seen that no one came forward to fight with them due to their fear.

Brothers! When the man becomes sick of love with his life and he is afraid of death, he falls down from the height of dignity to the depth of humiliation, he fall in the seditions and mutinies. Almighty Allah has mentioned eight reasons in the Holy Qur’an, Surah Tauba, Aayah No. 24 and said:

if you love your forefathers, offspring, brothers, spouses, relations, earned wealth, business for which you are afraid of loosing, more than Allah, His Messenger and struggling in His way, then wait till decision of Allah comes to you in form of torment, and it is fact that Allah does not guide to the Fasiq (transgressor) people.

In this Aayah Almighty Allah has declared his decision that when the man loves worldly life more than Allah and His Messenger and more than his struggle in the way of Allah, then the man should wait for Allah’s torment which will take him in grip.

The Prophet ﷺ said the same thing in other words:

“Verily Allah lifts through this book (the Holy Qur’an) to the nations and drops down the others through it (when the nation leaves it)” so the humiliation becomes its bad luck.

Meaning of an Aayah of Surah Al Noor is this that:

“the people who oppose the commandments of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ bravely, there are strong chances of their getting surrounded by the torments of Allah” (Al Noor: 63).

Respected readers! Where there are reasons of our falldown and humiliation mentioned in the aforementioned lines, there are secrets of our development and dignity and pride. What is needed is our correction and reformation. The solution to all the problems of the Muslims is in the Book of Allah and His Messenger’s Sunnah, either those relate to the worldly matters or to the matters of the life Hereafter and giving up these two things is the guaranteed result in the missing and perishing. May Allah bless us all.

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